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Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling

Presenting with Persuasion covers everything you need to know to maximize the impact of your communications – and strengthen your "executive presence" – in any environment - in-person or virtual.

Through a combination of instruction, worksheets, and practice techniques, this course takes you step by step toward delivering influential presentations that will get the business results you’re looking for and grow your personal brand of leadership — all for only $675.

Leadership and Professional Development

presentation coaching

Presentation Coaching

Jeff’s presentation coaching program has proven to be highly effective in preparing leaders and subject-matter experts to capture the attention and win the support of target audiences.

Jeff places special emphasis on... Read More compelling storytelling techniques that combine evidence-based content, colorful personal anecdotes and an engaging individual style of delivery.

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media training

Media Training

Jeff demonstrates that interviewees armed with a clear agenda – even when confronted by a seemingly nasty or naïve reporter – can and must take the lead in delivering succinct, compelling and persuasive points... Read More

Through on-camera practice and feedback, Jeff equips business leaders, subject-matter experts, athletes and celebrity spokespeople with the skills and confidence they need to turn “interrogations” by reporters into informative, entertaining and personable conversations. He also makes clear how his Q&A management techniques can apply beyond media to any communications forum – from analyst, sales and marketing presentations, to all-employee “town halls” and board meetings.

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Message and Story Development

At the heart of compelling presentations, speeches and media interviews are persuasive messages that prompt ACTION. However, simply making bold, and too often hollow, statements about the organizations and brands represented doesn’t cut it... Read More

The media, analysts, employees, customers, partners and shareholders are constantly bombarded with promotional claims. In order to cut through the clutter to truly distinguish organizations and engage stakeholders, Jeff teaches you how to communicate a compelling, colorful and concise body of evidence that substantiates your claims.

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Executive Presence

Jeff’s individually tailored executive presence coaching programs empower executives to communicate credibly, strengthen their personal brand of leadership, rally support and improve business results... Read More

Jeff’s approach emphasizes the creation and delivery of engaging, motivational communications that earn the trust and support of target audiences – even in the midst of change management or other significant business challenges.

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Crisis Management

Jeff works with clients to protect and enhance their reputation by anticipating, preparing for and managing difficult business challenges. Jeff has counseled numerous Fortune 500, mid-sized and small companies, as well as not-for-profit organizations, on how to respond to... Read More crises quickly, transparently and effectively.

Jeff knows from experience that an organization’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to crises is the direct result of being ready to manage the unexpected. He has worked with companies in many different industries to prepare for and manage a wide array of challenging issues and crises.

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Jeff’s customized and inspiring keynote presentations empower audiences with the know-how and tools required to build trust and maximize influence through the power of storytelling - from boardrooms to big stages. Whether you need to elevate your... Read More colleagues’ presentation skills and executive presence, drive greater collaboration, or prepare to manage challenging issues or crises, Jeff’s presentations will engage and enlighten your audiences with thought-provoking questions and colorful insights drawn from his 30 years of experience as an award-winning TV news reporter, corporate communications leader and executive presentation coach.

Inspire and equip your teams with the tools and know-how needed to maximize the impact of their communications. To book Jeff for a speaking engagement, please connect with him directly or visit leshaycommunications.com to learn more. Read less

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