Presenting with Persuasion:

The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling

Presenting to audiences big or small, in-person or virtually, can be a nerve-racking and intimidating experience,

regardless of whether you’re a senior leader or in the early stages of working your way up the ladder.

But with the right preparation and skills and a persuasive mindset, presentations provide tremendous opportunities to earn the trust of audiences, influence their actions and achieve greater business results and personal success.

So, how do you create and deliver memorable and persuasive presentations - all the while conquering those nerves and embracing the opportunity?

That’s where Jeff Leshay’s Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling comes in!

About the Course

About the Course

Presenting with Persuasion covers everything you need to know to increase the impact of your communications – and strengthen your “executive presence” – in any environment.

In this highly informative, pragmatic and colorful online course, Jeff takes you step by step through his proven APEx™ approach to delivering influential, results-focused presentations.

Using real-world examples, Jeff places great emphasis on personalized storytelling that combines evidence-based content with inspiring personal insights that win the hearts and minds of audiences.

With just a few hours of instruction that includes Fast-Track worksheets, checklists and practice techniques, you’ll raise your presentation skills to levels you may never have imagined!

If you want to truly engage audiences and persuade them to take action,

Presenting with Persuasion will put you on the fast track to fine-tuning the content of your next presentation and delivering that story confidently, clearly and influentially.

Check out this brief video for a glimpse of the influence-building value this course provides...

This course is for those who want to…

Build confidence in public speaking.
Strengthen content-development, verbal and body-language skills.
Earn the trust and support of audiences.
Turn even the most challenging of questions into opportunities to reaffirm your most important points.

Learn how to...

Develop crystal-clear key messages.
Support your messages with the right persuasive facts, data and examples.
Enrich your storytelling with relatable personal anecdotes and insights.
Engage audiences right from the get-go, and close with clarity and conviction.



Wow. So incredibly helpful! The amount of work that went into this course is so apparent from the content, organization, visuals, and easy usability. Jeff, clearly you are a pro at this... seasoned, personable and clear. Pointers about dealing with nerves, attention-grabbing starters and pointers for virtual presentations struck a chord with me and will resonate with so many people.

Pharma C-Suite Leader and Board Member

The course is amazing - with so many very tangible things that I can work on to present more effectively... I had so much more confidence in my presentation after my session with you. I just wish I'd done this years ago.

Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management Business Professor and Special Program Leader

You have been a great coach! The team and I really appreciate all the value you add. It is unmistakable. You have left an imprint only giants could relate to.

Conagra Brands C-Suite Leader

Jeff really took our divisional vice presidents to the next level.

Abbott Laboratories Senior Leader

Jeff is my first choice when I need a top-notch communications coach or media trainer to work with senior executives.

Allstate Communications Leader

Incredible coaching! I truly couldn’t have progressed as I did without you!

Sonos Senior Leader

You were pitch perfect today! I appreciate your continuous support to develop and energize our leaders at West… I cannot begin to tell you how much I picked up from our time together. Frankly, the biggest impact was having a framework to prepare with and considering what I want my audience to ‘do.' This has increased my confidence, Jeff. Thank you!

West Pharma C-Suite Leader

The success of my presentation to the City Club of Chicago is directly attributable to the expertise and direction I received from you.

City of Chicago Aviation Commissioner