Meet Jeff Leshay

Jeff Leshay’s remarkably diverse experience and reputation as a master storyteller, presentation coach and media trainer are unparalleled.

Jeff’s insightful, 360-degree perspective on communications is why dozens of the world’s greatest companies seek his coaching and counsel time and again. In fact, he has enhanced the communications effectiveness and “executive presence” of hundreds of CEOs, CFOs and emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies and many other for-profit and non-profit organizations.

As a journalist for The Associated Press and award-winning on-air TV business correspondent with CNBC and several network affiliates, Jeff honed his ability to communicate concisely, credibly and colorfully.

As a leader at three of the world’s largest PR firms and two multi-billion-dollar companies, he mastered the art and science of leveraging the power of persuasive storytelling to drive business and personal success.

“It’s my goal to exceed your expectations with my proven step-by-step approaches to creating compelling, personalized content and engaging audiences with strong and influential use of
your voice and body language – whether you’re presenting in person or in the virtual world.

I’m particularly excited to be able to help even more leaders and emerging leaders sharpen their storytelling and executive-presence skills through my online course, Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling. This course provides all the tools you need to elevate your influence and achieve greater business results and career success.”



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