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Presentations provide tremendous opportunities to earn the support of audiences and build your personal brand of leadership. But audiences draw conclusions about you and your material in the first few seconds of your presentations, so you’ve got to grab their attention right from the get-go and keep them tuned in.

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5 Presentation Tips for Wowing and Wooing Your Audience in 30 Seconds or Less will show you how to…

Grab your audience’s attention right away and compel them to keep listening.
Adapt your opening content to what your audience is most interested in.
Personalize your storytelling right from the get-go.
Engage your audience with thought-provoking questions.
Combine the elements of surprising content and visuals for maximum impact.

Jeff Leshay has mastered the art and science of attention-grabbing, persuasive storytelling to drive business and career success, and he’s ready to share his expertise with you!

Jeff’s insightful, 360-degree perspective on storytelling

is why dozens of the world’s greatest companies seek his coaching and counsel time and again. In fact, he has enhanced the communications effectiveness and “executive presence” of hundreds of CEOs, CFOs and emerging leaders at Fortune 500 companies and many other for-profit and non-profit organizations.

As a journalist for The Associated Press and award-winning, on-air TV news correspondent with CNBC and several network affiliates, and then as a frontline spokesperson for major corporations, Jeff honed his ability to communicate concisely, authentically and persuasively. 
In addition to his e-book, Jeff offers an online masterclass to help leaders and subject-matter experts hone their presentation skills and executive presence. Jeff has also gained global recognition for his in-person and virtual presentation coaching and media training programs. For more storytelling tips and insights, please visit