Presenting with Persuasion:

The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling

About the Course

Whether presenting to healthcare providers, investors, boards, or internal teams, Jeff Leshay’s online course, Presenting with Persuasion, helps biopharma leaders build support, drive collaboration and innovation, and achieve greater growth.

Presenting with Persuasion helps healthcare leaders, scientists and physicians….

Get out of “the weeds” and simplify their messages and data points
Elevate presentations from mundane to influential by personalizing their storytelling
Transform distracting nerves and mannerisms into positive energy, greater confidence, and strong executive presence
Communicate more clearly when English is a second language
Manage Q&A with an opportunistic, message-focused mindset.

For more than 25 years, Jeff has coached leaders, scientists and physicians at many of the world’s largest healthcare companies to maximize their influence through powerful storytelling. And now, Jeff’s go-at-your-own-pace course extends the reach of his proven techniques for eliminating presentation pain points and empowering speakers with the skills and confidence required to inspire and activate audiences.


Check out this brief video for a glimpse of the influence-building value this course provides...

So, if you or your colleagues need to elevate the impact of presentations, you can’t afford not to invest in Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling. And better yet, the Executive package includes not only the comprehensive course itself, but a one-to-one virtual coaching session with Jeff that includes video recording and game-changing feedback.

Why listen to Jeff Leshay?

No one is more passionate and effective in helping leaders and subject-matter experts communicate more clearly and persuasively in any setting. That’s why dozens of biopharma leaders have turned to Jeff time and again for his pragmatic, real-world insights rooted in his own uniquely diverse experience as a professional communicator.

As an award-winning TV news and business correspondent with CNBC, Fox, and NBC and ABC affiliate stations, Jeff shined the spotlight on companies and leaders who stood out from the crowd – whose value propositions were distinct and compelling. That often meant simplifying complex scientific, medical and financial issues for a broad audience, eliciting colorful and influential perspective, and telling those stories on the air in engaging, insightful and memorable ways.

Later, Jeff served in leadership roles at three of the world's largest PR firms and two public companies, including Abbott Laboratories, where he led communications and served as spokesperson for the Pharmaceutical Products Division (now AbbVie).

As Chief Executive Coach of Leshay Communications, which he founded in 2011, Jeff focuses exclusively on presentation coaching and media training that help leaders build appreciation for their products and pipelines, attract investment, grow their businesses, communicate effectively through change, and all the while elevate their personal brands of leadership.



Wow. So incredibly helpful! The amount of work that went into this course is so apparent from the content, organization, visuals, and easy usability. Jeff, clearly you are a pro at this... seasoned, personable and clear. Pointers about dealing with nerves, attentiongrabbing starters and pointers for virtual presentations struck a chord with me and will resonate with so many people.

Pharma C-Suite Leader and Board Member

Jeff is incredibly insightful – boot camp with him was tremendously helpful in preparation for the FDA Advisory Committee meeting… Fun and educational!

Horizon Therapeutics Senior Leader

I did as you suggested and brought more of my personal clinical experience into the program, and what a difference! I can actually see them perk up and start to ask questions or relay it to their own clinical practice. It actually makes going over the slides easier since it feels more genuine.

Horizon Therapeutics Senior Scientist

Jeff really took our divisional vice presidents to the next level.

Abbott Laboratories Senior Leader

You were pitch perfect today! I appreciate your continuous support to develop and energize our leaders at West… I cannot begin to tell you how much I picked up from our time together. Frankly, the biggest impact was having a framework to prepare with and considering what I want my audience to ‘do.' This has increased my confidence, Jeff. Thank you!

West Pharma C-Suite Leader

Such a privilege to work with you, Jeff... It was incredibly helpful! I'm just seeing things so differently now and it feels like a whole new world has opened up.

Digital Health CEO