Executive Package – Presenting with Persuasion: The Premier Fast Track to Powerful Storytelling

Module 1 The Proven APEx™ Path to Sharpening Your Skills
Unit 1 Maximizing Your Influence
Unit 2 The Big Payoff of Persuasive Storytelling
Unit 3 Assessing Your Own Presentation Strengths and Areas Targeted for Development
Unit 4 Presentation Skills Assessment Worksheet
Unit 5 Creating Positive, Reputation-Building Impressions
Unit 6 Five Reputation-Driving Impressions Worksheet
Module 2 ANTICIPATION: Knowing Your Audience
Unit 1 Getting Inside Their Heads
Unit 2 Getting Inside Their Heads Worksheet
Module 3 PREPARATION – Part 1: Elevating Your Content from Informational to Influential
Unit 1 Shifting from an “Update” Mindset to One of Action
Unit 2 Building a Persuasive Case
Unit 3 Key Messages Worksheet
Unit 4 Personalizing Your Key Messages and Storytelling
Unit 5 Defining Your Content in a Single Sentence
Module 4 PREPARATION – Part 2: Creating a Memorable and Actionable Narrative and Experience
Unit 1 Laying Out Your Storyline and Starting with a Grabber
Unit 2 Attention Grabbers Worksheet
Unit 3 Addressing the Problem or Opportunity with Your Solution or Strategy
Unit 4 Closing with Clout
Unit 5 Call to Action Worksheet
Unit 6 Sharpening Your Script and Appealing to Their Eyes
Unit 7 Practicing Aloud – and with Purpose
Module 5 EXECUTION: Making the Most of Your Authentic Voice and Body Language
Unit 1 Managing Those Nerves and Starting Strong
Unit 2 Harnessing the Unique Power of Your Voice
Unit 3 Expressing Your Confidence and Passion with Positive Body Language
Unit 4 Working the Room without Missing a Beat
Module 6 Maximizing Your Impact in the Virtual World
Unit 1 Top 10 Tips for Successful Online Presentations
Module 7 Taking Full Advantage of Q&A
Unit 1 Turning Even “Tough” Questions into Tremendous Opportunities
Module 8 Being Ready to Tell Your Story Anytime, Anywhere
Unit 1 Raising Your Game with a Compelling “Elevator Pitch”
Unit 2 Getting the Lay of the Land
Unit 3 Getting the Lay of the Land Worksheet
Unit 4 Taking Your Cues from a Teleprompter
Unit 5 Expecting the Unexpected
Module 9 Elevating Your Influence to Levels You May Never Have Imagined
Unit 1 Polishing Your Performance and Persuasiveness
Unit 2 Checking the Final Checklist
Unit 3 APEx™ Storytelling Checklist